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How to Deal with Debt

Act Now

Facing up to the problem is probably the most important step you will take. No matter how difficult your situation, debt problems can be resolved with time and effort.

Work out your budget

Use our Budget Planner to help you work out your Budget.

Assess and prioritise your debt

Once you have listed all your Debt in your Budget Planner, you will need to put them in order of priority.

Mortgage/Rent and electricity are your first priorities.

Do not ignore creditors letters or phone calls. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignoring your creditors may affect your credit rating.

Contact those you owe money to

If you are in financial difficulty, make an appointment to meet your creditors, those you owe money to. Be open and honest. It may help to explain your situation in writing, and to bring this with you to your appointment.

In writing include

  • The account number or reference number
  • Explain why you are in financial difficulty
  • State when you will be able to start payment and the amount you can repay
  • Include a copy of your current proof of income and most recent financial statement.

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