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What we can do to Help

Every effort is made to accommodate members whose circumstances have changed. These members may be experiencing difficulties meeting their loan repayments.

By working with us, we may also be able to help you manage your other debts.

The common reaction to financial difficulty is to refinance your loan, but there are implications to this. These are:

1) the Central Bank of Ireland will not allow you to borrow again for 12 months.
2) Access to future borrowing may also be affected.

Our Credit Control team will work with you in assessing all your options based on your needs and what means are available to you.

Money Saving Tips


  • Shop with a list. If you decide in store you will spend more – use loyalty cards/coupons etc
  • Shop for bargains and cut back on non essential items. Be smart. Shop for store brands
  • Local butchers offer great deals
  • Eliminate waste – watch what you bin!

Services – are you getting value for money on the following?

  • Banking – switch to Tralee Credit Union’s free banking services
  • Insurances
  • Electricity
  • Internet & TV
  • Heating and Car fuel
  • Refuse collection

Other tips

  • Make your own lunch
  • Could you reduce your travel/parking costs (walk or cycle to work/ car pool?)
  • How much do you spend on socialising/entertainment?
  • If you have older children living with you that are receiving an income, could they contribute towards your household expenses?
  • €2 Savings stamps from Tralee Credit Union are also available in local shops – great for help with Christmas costs etc..

Remember the secret to getting rich – “Spend less than you earn”.

Your Budget Planner

The solution may be a revision of your Income and Expenditure, as well as assistance with your Budget Planner. You will be surprised where savings can be made.

Go to the budget planner 

Managing your Money and Paying Bills
  • If you need help managing your money and paying bills, we can help you switch to Tralee Credit Union’s Banking Services with little or no fees.
  • You can transfer your wages/social welfare to your Credit Union Access “Current” Account, and we will arrange to pay your bills to suit the frequency of your income.
  • We can pay your mortgage/rent, utility bills, credit union loan and any other debts you may have.
  • To make withdrawals you can use our ATM, and transfer funds using our Online and Mobile Banking services.
  • We can also help you save little and often with our €2 Saving Stamps. These help you to save regularly for Christmas, Back to School, Emergencies etc.

If you feel we can help, please contact our Credit Control Team for assistance.

Ways to Repay your Loan
  1. Direct Debit from your Bank Account. To set up a Direct Debit call to Tralee Credit Union or Tel 066 712 2373
  2. Electronic Funds Transfer / Standing Order from your Bank Account. To set up an Electronic Funds Transfer / Standing Order please contact your Bank with your Credit Union IBAN and BIC Numbers
  3. Online through your Bank’s Online Banking facility. Please use use you Credit Union IBAN and BIC
  4. By Telephone using your Laser/Debit Card Tel 066 712 2373 (Dial 2)
  5. Tralee Credit Union CU Online Banking or CU Anywhere Mobile App: Transfer funds from your Credit Union Access “Current” Account to your Loan Balance.
  6. Payroll Deduction, Paypath, Social Welfare and/or Pension. For further information call to Tralee Credit Union or Tel 066 712 2373
  7. Use Express Lodge (Tralee office only)
  8. Call in to our offices in Tralee, Castleisland or Killorglin
  9. Our €2 Saving Stamps Card: Once a minimum of €20 has been accumulated in stamps, you can lodge these stamps to make a loan repayment.

Debit cards accepted



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