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Important Members Notice

Important Members Notice

  • Saving Stamps

  • Members Receipts

  • PSC Cards

Saving Stamps:

  • Our €2 Saving Stamps and machines are to be discontinued on 30th June 2018
  • This service is being replaced with our new E Stamp Balance, now available on  your account. Your E Stamp Balance is faster, more secure and will provide you with a more efficient service.
  • Members have until 30th of September 2018 to cash their €2 Saving Stamps in any of our three offices in Tralee, Castleisland and Killorglin.

To ensure that Cara Credit Union Ltd is in full compliance with Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulation and guidance issued by the Central Bank of Ireland we are phasing out all €2 Saving Stamp services in their current format.

What does AML Regulations and Guidance specify?
AML Regulations specify that we must ensure that “money in all accounts (including
stamps) can be attributed to individual members”. As this is not possible to do at the time
of purchase with our existing €2 Saving Stamps and machines we are moving saving
stamp services to a more secure E Stamp Balance now available on your Account.

What alternatives are available to you?
To be eligible for Free Life Savings Insurance (terms and conditions apply) and a Dividend (if applicable) on your savings we would encourage you to save into your Shares (Savings) Account.

If you do not want to lodge money to your Shares/ Savings we have introduced an E Stamp Balance on your Account.

Ways to Lodge to Your Account: 
• Set up a Direct Debit by calling 066 712 2373 (dial 6) or call into our offices in Tralee, Castleisland or Killorglin. If you have a Direct Debit in place we can amend it for you.
• Transfer funds from your Bank Account to your Credit Union Account using your Credit Union IBAN and BIC. Please reference Shares, Loan, Access or E Stamp.
Alternatively you can fill in a CU Disbursement Form with us.
• Express Lodge in our Tralee office.
• Over the counter in any of our three offices.

****Please note only sufficient funds to save for Christmas, holidays, events should be lodged to your E Stamp balance. All other funds should be lodged to your Shares (Savings) to be eligible for free Life Cover (Life Savings and Loan Protection Insurance) and to receive a dividend (if applicable) on your account.

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Removal of Account Balances on Members Receipts

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective from 25th of May 2018 and will replace the existing data protection framework. The GDPR emphasises transparency, security and accountability by Cara Credit Union as data controller, while at the same time standardising and strengthening the rights of our members to data privacy.
In light of GDPR and to improve security and data protection on your account we have
removed issuing member account balances on our member receipts. If you would like to
receive an account balance please provide Photo ID every time you make a transaction
and request a balance receipt. Please note you can access your account balance any
time on your phone using our CUanywhere Mobile App

Public Services Card can not be used as a viable source of Photographic ID or Proof of PPS Number

As credit unions are not a specified entity listed under the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2008 (the 2008 act as amended) we can not accept the Public Services Card as a source of Photographic ID or Proof of PPS Number.CU

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