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Why Join?

Members join Cara Credit Union because of our services, and the way we deliver them.

1. Our Services

Our services are designed to improve the economic and social well being of all our members. With the option to save and borrow with free insurance and banking services, we make your money work for you.

2. Not for Profit Co-Operative

You, our members, come First. All of our income is returned to local members in services, building adequate reserves, dividend on savings, competitive loan rates and/or loan interest rebate (loan interest refunds).

3. Personal Service

In house or on the phone, all members are served personally by a member of our team. All staff have nationally recognised qualifications in the finance and credit union industry.

4. Heart of the Community

Everything we do benefits the community. Not only do we support local groups and events, but our services help to sustain growth and employment within the local economy.

5. Trust

Our success is due to the trust you have in us. You trust us with your savings and in the way we deliver our services to you. You trust us to make decisions with your best interest at heart. You trust your fellow members who make these decisions. Those members who volunteer to act on your behalf on our board of directors and committees.

Cara Credit Union Ltd. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
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