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Once you live and/or work within our Common Bond you are eligible to to join Cara Credit Union.

To Join you need:

  • Minimum lodgement of €6.35 in to your Shares (Savings) Account.
  • Pay a once-off joining fee of €1.27 (over 16 years only).

To remain an active member you must have a minimum of €6.35 in your Account at all times.

Under the Criminal Justice Act 2010 to open an account in a financial institution including Cara Credit Union you must produce:

1: Photographic ID: a current driving licence, a current passport or other suitable form of photographic ID.

2. Proof of Address: dated within the last 3 months a utility bill, government letter or bank statement.

3. Proof of PPS Number: (Personal Public Service Number) Proof of P60, P45, Payslip, Medical Card or correspondence from the tax office.

Newborn up to 16 years

You are never too young to join Cara Credit Union.  For Newborn to 16 years you will need:

1. Photographic I.D.: Original child’s birth certificate or passport.

2. Proof of Address: parent(s) guardian(s) utility bill, government letter or bank statement dated within the last 3 months.

3. Proof of PPS Number: Proof of the child’s Personal Public Service Number.


A parent or guardian can open an account for a child from Newborn up to 16 years. While a grandparent can lodge funds to these accounts, only a parent/guardian can withdraw funds.

Did you know that you can now have your Child Benefit paid into your child or your own credit union account.  For further information go to our Banking section.

Newborn Accounts: (children aged 12 months or less) As an incentive to start early and save regularly, if you lodge €20 or more when opening the account, Cara Credit Union will top up €20 to this account.

Please note the €20 that you lodge and the €20 top up from Cara Credit Union cannot be withdrawn for 12 months from the date you opened the account.

Club/ Society Accounts

Three officers of the Club/Society must be authorised to open the Account.

We will also require a letter on the Club/Society’s official headed paper confirming that the three persons are authorised to open a Club Account on behalf of the committee. The letter must also state that they are authorised to operate and withdraw from this account.

  • The name of the club/society is to be the name on the Account.
  • The Account must be opened by at least 3 officers of the club/society.
  • Each officer must produce Photographic ID for opening and operating the Account.
  • Each officer must provide Proof of Address
  • Proof of Address must also be given to send all correspondence relating to this Account.
Dormant Accounts

If you think you may have an account and have not used it in some time, there is no need to join again. You are still a member. Your Account can be reactivated by calling in with:

1. Photographic ID: a current driving licence or a current passport

2. Proof of Address: dated in the last 3 months a utility bill, government letter or bank statement.

Dormant Accounts: Rule 22 of the Standard Rules for Credit Unions: Dormant Accounts
The credit union may deal with shares and deposit accounts as hereinafter provided when there has been no member initiated transaction on the account for a period of three years and when no reply has been received within thirty days from the member to a notice sent, by ordinary post, to him/her at his/her last known address, of intent by the credit union to close the account(s). Dividends and interest shall continue to be payable on such accounts.

Cara Credit Union Ltd. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
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