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Access “Current” Account

Your credit union Access Account is just like a bank’s Current Account but without the fees and cheque book.

Your Access Account is separate from your Shares (Savings) Account, and does not qualify for a dividend or insurance cover.

Only sufficient funds to pay bills and make withdrawals should be in your Access Account. All other funds should remain in your Shares.

Getting Started

Your Access Account is automatically set up for you.

When setting up electronic payments for this Account, (Direct Debits, Bill Pay, Electronic Funds Transfers) please use your IBAN and Tralee Credit Union BIC as these payments will be processed through SEPA.  For further details click here for SEPA

With your Access Account you can:  

Click on the Blue Links to OPEN. Click it again to CLOSE

Lodge Funds

To lodge funds:

  • When lodging funds electronically to your Account, please submit a CU Disbursement Form to Tralee Credit Union.

A CU Disbursement Form tells Tralee Credit Union where you would like your lodged funds to go: in to your Shares, your Loan or in to your Access Account.

Without a CU Disbursement Form, Tralee Credit Union will automatically lodge your funds to your Loan (if due for payment or loan is in arrears)and balance to your Shares (savings) Account. If you don’t have a loan (due or in arrears) it will go directly to your Shares. Download the CU Disbursement Form here  CU Disbursement Form  fill in and return to our offices.

How to Lodge Funds

Electronic Payments (you may need your IBAN and BIC click here for details)

Electronic Fund Transfers Your Wages, most Social Welfare Payments and Pension.

2. Online through your Bank’s Online Banking facility. Please reference Access Account when lodging funds to this Account.

3. Direct Debit: you can set up a regular payment (direct debit) from your Bank Account to your credit union account.  Please visit Tralee Credit Union to set up a Direct Debit.

Your Bank can also do this,  by visiting your Bank and setting up a Standing Order. Please have your Tralee Credit Union IBAN and BIC with you.

4. Payroll Deduction Scheme Any company can set up a Payroll Deduction Scheme with Tralee Credit Union.

Lodge funds In Person or on the Phone

1. At the counter in our Tralee or Castleisland office. Express Lodge (Tralee office only) or by phone (Laser/Debit Card Accepted).

2. Automatic Top Up: You can use your Shares to fund your Access Account. Every time you make a withdrawal or pay a bill, funds can be topped up from your Share Account to Your Access Account by setting up an Automatic Top Up. This will keep your Access Account at a daily level that suits your transactions.

Please note share withdrawals may be restricted if you have a loan, and may affect your Life Savings Insurance Cover for members aged 55 years and over.

To set up an Automatic Top Up call to Tralee Credit Union or dowload the form below and return to Tralee Credit Union.

Download an Automatic Top Up Form here

Transfer Funds

How to transfer funds

  1. CU Online Banking click here for more info
  2. Cu Anywhere Mobile App click here for more info
Withdraw Funds

How to withdraw funds

  1. Call In: you can withdraw funds from our offices in Tralee, Castleisland and Killorglin.
  2. ATM: using our ATM service in Tralee and Castleisland.

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