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Whether you are saving for a “rainy day” or to build up a track record to apply for a loan, regular saving is always a good idea. Saving is a habit and can only be taught by doing. Once you develop the habit it will stay with you for life.

It is not about how much you save, but about developing the habit of saving regularly. So that by keeping the habit going over time, your savings can add up to quite a lot. You can even start small by saving loose coins in our pocket, change in your purse. Every cent helps.

Savings in your Credit Union are called Shares. Each share you hold is equal to €1.00. To be a member you must have a minimum of €6.35 in your Shares (Savings).

The maximum funds guaranteed under the Government’s Deposit Guarantee Scheme is €100,000 per member. Under Cara Credit Union’s policy the maximum a member can have in shares is €50,000.

For further information on Saving, Phone Cara Credit Union 066 712 2373 

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