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Saving Options

Click each BLUE link to Open, Click again to CLOSE

Click each BLUE link to Open, Click again to CLOSE
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At Tralee Credit Union we welcome all Savers

  • Individual Member Accounts for Adults
  • New Born Accounts for children up to 12 months
  • Junior Saver Accounts for children up to 16 years
  • Club/Society Accounts

The rate of Dividend is approved by members annually at our Annual General Meeting.

In December 2017 the rate of Dividend paid to members was 0.01% and 2.5% Loan Interest Rebate (Refund) to Borrowers.

Newborn Accounts for children aged 12 months or less

At Tralee Credit Union we actively encourage children to save. We offer a wide range of saving options for children through schools and in Tralee Credit Union.

By teaching your child the habit of saving at a young age, it is one that will stay with them for life.

For further information please visit Ellie’s Corner.

We have Newborn Accounts for children up to 12 months old.

As an incentive to start early and save regularly with ongoing lodgements, when you open a Newborn Account, Tralee Credit Union will top up €20 to this account.

To avail of this incentive you cannot withdraw the €20 for 12 months from the date you open the Newborn Account.

Grandparents, parents and guardians can lodge funds to these Accounts, but only a parent/guardian can withdraw funds.

You can also have your Child Benefit paid into your child or your own credit union account.

€2 Saving Stamps also at a store near you

Our €2 Saving Stamps are the ideal way to save for…

  • Christmas
  • Household bills
  • Holidays
  • Home heating
  • TV Licence
  • House/Car insurance & tax
  • Back to school
  • Any special occasion

Start today and see how quickly your stamps grow!

10 saving stamps a week = €20.00

Save 10 stamps over 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
Save €80 €260 €520 €1,040

Now at a store near you . Click here for our stamp machine locations

Club/ Society Accounts

A lot of clubs and societies open accounts with us. Some use it for fundraising, actively promoting their Credit Union IBAN and BIC for the public to make donations. Others use it for the club’s/society’s administration.

Three persons are authorised to open a Club/Society Account.

We also require a letter on the Club/Society’s official headed paper confirming that the three persons are authorised to open a Club Account on behalf of the committee, and to operate and withdraw from this account.

  • The name of the club/society is to be the name on the Account.
  • The Account must be opened by at least 3 officers of the club/society.
  • Each officer must produce Photographic ID for opening and operating the Account.
  • Proof of Address must be given to send all correspondence relating to this Account.

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